ETC received “Best Data Analytics Project in Vietnam” award by Asian Banker

  • 13/01/2018
  • Post by : Phương Hoa
  • Category : ETC News

On 12/01/2018, Asian Banker magazine held the award ceremony of Technology Innovation Awards 2018 for organizations in Vietnam in Hanoi.

Representatives of Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (Vietinbank) – Mr. Tran Cong Quynh Lan – Deputy General Director, Mr. Tran Hong Thang – Project Director and ETC – Tech Mahindra consortium representatives Mr. Ha Manh Hung – ETC Vice President and Mr. Srinivasa Venugopal – AVP Business Development of Tech Mahindra Vietnam participated in this special award ceremony and were honored to receive the “Best Data Analytics Project in Vietnam” “For the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW / BI) project of VietinBank, jointly developed by ETC and Manhindra. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the Asian Banker Technology Innovation Awards Group.

Technology Innovation Award honors banks and partners for providing IT solutions for successful implementation of solutions, providing technology and utility products, leading the trend for customers, gaining a foothold in the financial market and possessing impressive technological banking development strategy throughout the year.

The Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW / BI) project started by ETC – Manhindra consortium in early 2014, and was put into operation by mid-2014, gathering historical data from the source system and simultaneously transforming the bank’s MIS management information system. The project is a long, continuous process of adding source systems and analytical fields. By mid-2017, nearly 20 fields of analysis have been put into operation with historical data collected over the years. More than 20 different source systems, covering almost all of VietinBank’s operating systems. One of the biggest challenges of the project is the parallel implementation of the transfer, upgrade and replacement of a range of source systems, of which the most important is the Core Banking system, Trade Finance and e-Banking. However, this is also a very valuable contribution of the project to minimize the effort, time and cost of converting historical data of business systems. The full report analysis, historical update data is not interrupted during the transition from the old business system to the new system, especially with large and important systems such as the system. core banking Core Banking, is a great challenge that the project has done.

Technological contribution to the success of the project is the foundation of SAP’s world-class advanced data warehouse and analysis technology. The system is expected to handle up to 40TB of raw data, but at present the total raw data stored in the system has far exceeded this number, and the system still ensures performance responding to 500 users simultaneously, and allowing 250 users to perform analysis. As a lead partner and responsible for the overall technology of the project, ETC has deployed and optimized all of the technology components of the project, from hardware, software, networking, security to bring users superior experience on the features and performance of the solution. The success of Tech Mahindra is also reflected in the iDecisions data model updated by Tech Mahindra experts to meet the specific requirements of VietinBank.

Beside Asian Banker, ETC is also awarded the SAP Best Innovation Partner in Vietnam by SAP in 2017. Currently, ETC is the only representative member of Vietnam in United Alliance VARs – SAP’s largest bridge. United VARs is SAP’s global Platinum partner, and has won the SAP Pinnacle Award for many consecutive years.

Asia Banker’s leading financial and banking magazine is widely recognized as the region’s leading independent advisory firm in the research, assessment and direction of the financial services industry. Asian Banker annually evaluates and publishes internationally acclaimed awards in the industry according to important and diverse criteria to honor and advance the progress of the banking and finance industry. The reason for the prestige of the award is that it is independent, strict, fair and transparent in the evaluation process. The awards program is run by a team of senior researchers who carry out fieldwork and field research, with hours of interviews with selected candidates. Each award program is determined by a clear and transparent methodology that is publicized and shared widely in the industry.

The awards night was a success and left many impressed with the participation of many representatives of leaders of financial and banking units as well as the partners providing the leading IT products and services in Vietnam today.