Chairman of the Managing Board

Pham Tien Hung

“Dear partners and customers,

Firstly, on behalf of every ETC Technology Systems JSC employees, I would like to send my best regards for health and prosperity to all.

Over the past twelve years of nonstop striving and building, ETC Technology Systems JSC has gathered numerous successes in the field of information technology, while continuously received confidence and cooperation from multiple customer organizations domestically and internationally. We regard that success is only possible with trust. In accordance with this, every of ETC service aims at our customer satisfaction, in conjunction with attaining the commitment to preset quality standards.

Up until now, ETC has been honored to become strategic partner with multiple leading internationally-acclaimed technology brands such as IBM, CISCO, SAP, HP, VMware, etc. and achieving various commendations and endorsements in the field of information technology entrusted and awarded by our partners and customers. In our flow of development, ETC has steadily constructed its own technological solutions, not only stopping at banking systems and solutions, but further enhancing the value for every organization, government agency, and business employing.

The constant expansion in both service quality and quantity that ETC provides not only supports the operation of agencies, organizations, and businesses, also aids the competitiveness of these units in the general national progress of industrialization and modernization. With a thorough investment on modern technology foundation, especially focusing on the human factor, and complying with stringent procedures on product quality management, ETC’s technology solutions always satisfy the growing needs of our customers.

The achievements of today are derived not only just from the effort of the ETC team, but also from the numerous supports and trusts from our partners and customers. On behalf of ETC staff, I would like to send my sincere gratitude and hope to always cooperate with you, to construct a modern, civilized, and stable community together.”

With respect.