Core IBM Solution

Clients whose using IBM Power server over the world always satisfy with the ability of infrastructure performance, software, power, setup space and device management cost. Besides that, there are many benefits of IBM just only when using IBM product like: improve application performance, high availability, fast provisioning,… All of the high-end server types being provided and implemented by ETC professional experts based on the most modern of IBM technology.

Public security key solution (PKI)

The authentication system provided by ETC Company is a system that uses the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), in combination with a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution with One Time Password (OTP) by RSA Security

With this solution, the expansion of functions and services of the system is easy. It’s the overall solution that RSA offers not only Simple Authentication Solutions but also many other solutions such as Data Loss Prevention Solutions, Fraud Prevention Solutions, Phishing on the Web, Log Storage Solutions & Event Management (SIEM), etc. These solutions completely meet all requirements of Internet banking, trading online services of the bank. These solutions are highly regarded by reputable consulting organizations around the world.



Cisco Fire Power IPS solution provided by ETC is based on four main advantage:

– Ability to create Software Virtual Patch

– Denial of Service (DOS/DDOS)

– Ability to fight malicious code, spyware

– Ability to isolate infected computers

Cisco Fire Power provides DOS attack protection based on key techniques

  • Vulnerability Protection
  • Prevent the computers from being transformed into zombies
  • Prevent attack tools – Attack tool protection
  • Bandwidth protection

A basic IT infrastructure consists of various components such as servers, firewalls, databases, network devices, etc. All of these components are controlled using a variety of components. Privileged accounts (such as UNIX server root accounts, Oracle DBA database DBA accounts, Windows Server Administrator accounts, etc.)

These privileged accounts have full access to the resources of their respective systems. It can be said that privileged accounts are the key to every organization’s assets. To manage these accounts, ETC provides Cyber- Ark (PIM Suite) Password Monitoring system solution: Strict control, tracking all activities of these types of accounts to minimize security risks and provide regulations that enforce the system’s compliance to ensure continuity of operations.

Command Center solution

Command Center Solution with the ability to control static and dynamic image mixes from branches or scattered observation points.

  • Situational control: The command center operation solution provided by the ETC allows the operator to cover the entire camera system with motion detection, disappeared detection, neglected object in the observation area, detect objects or objects cross the pre-determined line.
  • Decision Support: A VMS solution where ETC is not only a camera management system, but can also be integrated with third-party plug-ins or software to add new features to the system such as: Face recognition, camera tracking and motion detection, digital mapping, video collapsing, aggregation and filtering alerts to help operators make decisions about Situation most accurately. The system is also capable of integrating with sensors such as magnetic sensors, lasers and alarms (audio, email, loudspeaker) to suit the operating conditions.
  • Large screen system: A key component of the command center system. Operations, decision-making, checking, etc. are all done on this screen. ETC’s multiplex monitor solution enables the integration of small screen modules into a large screen block of hundreds of inches, enabling the ability to display multiple sources of images, video, tables, charts … on one The plane gives the operator an integrated and detailed view of the system.
Audio imaging system solution for ATM

The video surveillance system for ATMs offers the following features:

– Link the captured images to ATM transactions.

-ATM transactional images to be integrated into the transaction data, ensuring unchangeable image data

– Allows centralized management or dispersion of IP camera system.

– The monitoring system will use the same ATM line to save costs

– Maximum priority for transactions of ATM, ensuring ATM transactions always meet all conditions

– Make sure not to interfere with the ATM , regardless of the ATM manufacturers

– Ability to access live images at any time at any ATM.

Cisco network solution with high-end network devices such as N9K, N7K, N5K, N2K


ETC offers the network infrastructure of the top prestigious IT companies in the world based on the needs of customers such as solutions and devices of Cisco, Juniper, …

With the network solution for data center of Cisco we have Nexus 7000, Nexus 5000 designed using non-blocking technology help to doubling the bandwidth compared to the blocking technology used against loop under old spanning tree, simultaneously with the processing power and high bandwidth, this solution can fulfill the needs of network optimization in the data center.

Nowadays, the management and controlling of networking at data center with this Cisco device Nexus 9000 with the ACI technology (Software Define Network) with high bandwidth and availability of visual system management is the comprehensive approach for data center networking system of today and the future.

Video Conference system solution

Video Conference is a major breakthrough that allows participants at various locations from different nations to communicate directly via TV screen as in the same room. This technology has been applied widely, especially in meetings and conferences. Besides, Video Conference is also brought into play in education, national security and health care.

With the non-stop development of broadband infrastructure, video conference service has been popular all over the world as well as in Vietnam.

Based on CISCO IP Technology, video conference solution supports multi protocols (H.320, H.323, SIP, SCCP) for implementing advanced video conference while making full use of existing infrastructure.

Video conference offers the following benefits:

  • Save travel time
  • Cut down on business expenses
  • Conduct online meetings between offices
  • Hold meetings quickly
  • Record full content of meeting
  • Guarantee safety and security
  • Ensure stable quality and service
Security Operation Center solution (SOC)


Security operation center is facility where enterprise information systems like websites, applications, databases, data centers and server, networks, desktops and other endpoints are monitored, assessed and defended.

This is a flexible system, depend on infrastructure, SOC can speed of response time, malware can spread throughout the Internet in minutes or even seconds, potentially knocking out your network or slowing traffic to a crawl. Consequently, every second counts in identifying these attacks and negating them before they can cause damage. It also has ability to recover from a DDoS attack in a reasonable amount of time. The key benefit:

  • Control – focusing on the state of the security with compliancy testing, penetration testing, vulnerability testing, etc.
  • Monitoring – focusing on events and the response with log monitoring, SIEM administration, and incident response
  • Operational – focusing on the operational security administration such as identity & access management, key management, firewall administration, etc. SOC is not just solution, it is really general security system, trending of any important information technology system in the future.
Virtualization solution – Cloud computing

Virtualization is a software technology that breakthroughs, help rapidly changing panoramic field of information technology and human calculation. Virtualization allows running multiple virtual servers on one same physical server, sharing the resources of a physical server through many different environments. Different virtual servers can operate multiple operating systems and different applications on the same physical server.

A strategic partner of many leading virtualization companies such as VMWARE, KVM, IBM,…, ETC has provide and deploy many virtualization solutions such as server virtualization network virtualization, virtualization desktop … for major clients such as providing and deploying VDI solution for Vietinbank). The deployment of virtualization solutions bring big benefits for clients such as:

– Simplify infrastructure management by management centralized

– Automate the management of computer resources that help the IT staff no longer spend too much time on the management server then they can focus on new applications and services to benefit users and organizations.

– Provide highly availability supply (HA) with the independently of hardware, operating systems and applications.

– Reduce downtime system for subjective reasons without affecting the applications and services running on the server, allowing the virtual machine can easily moving around between different physical servers on different storage device.

Nowadays, the business services on the Cloud platform increasingly popular because of the advantages to accelerate business process and shorten the payback. ETC is proud to be a strategic partner of leading Cloud solutions firms such as VMWARE, HP, Microsoft, IBM. Specifically, ETC has provide and deploy successfully Private Cloud solutions for the customers such as banks, Government units….

Typically, the company’s Cloud Solution VMWare, ETC has successfully deployed VMware products vRealize Suite® 7 includes VMware vRealize Operations Module ™, VMware vRealize Log Insight ™, VMware vRealize Automation ™ 7 and VMware vRealize Business ™ for Cloud 7. This is the comprehensive solution to manage cloud that helps to improve implementation capacity, efficiency and operation of IT services, while helping to optimize investment and VMWare also expected these products will contribute to accelerating more on the transition of model digitization and cloud computing on a global scale.


Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

Enterprise Data Warehouse serves as the base for decision support system and the mastermind to success of any enterprise. With a view to building a single repository for the entire enterprise, including standardized and reorganized data by multiple purposes, EDW is connected and integrated with most of source systems to gather information for data analysis, reporting and decision making.

The outstanding features of the system:

  • EDW system operates as a primary source of data centralized, uniform and integrated
  • Data management implementation in phases
  • Recording data near real-time for the operational reporting
  • Development of data warehouse themes for dashboard and OLAP Reports
  • Working with components of MDM / CDI to provide unique insight of the business relationship and customer
  • Convert reports and data from the system and platform availability
  • Serving for the volume of data is growing in the future
  • Integrated access channels such as web, email, mobile devices, etc.
  • Multidimensional analysis of OLAP cubes allows splitting, top – down access in multiple directions
  • Provide forms and reports in both English and Vietnamese
  • Improved query performance and reporting.
  • Support customization, Data Mining and Data Analysis in the future
  • Testing, deploying and supporting products for many different data services and requirements change


Prepaid Card Payment

Prepaid card issuance, payment and management system of Joint Stock Commercial Bank aims to expand utilities of card system nationwide and put non-cash transactions via prepaid card into operation.

By using prepaid card, customers are able to settle payment in a simple, safe and secure manner. The highlight of prepaid card is managing expenditure limits through specified prepaid accounts. Customers can also deposit and withdraw money from their accounts.

The system offers a loyalty customer care program supporting different types of POS by diverse manufacturers and HSM connection to encrypt data or exchange key.

  • Customer: Joint Stock Commercial Bank
  • Implementation time: at nearly 2,000 gas stations nationwide in 2 years (2008 -2009)

The implementation of prepaid card (Flexicard) has expanded the utilities of card such as petrol payment, deposit, withdrawal and settlement at nearly 2,000 gas stations nationwide.

The multifunctional card features both prepaid and debit function, allowing card holders to make full use of traditional magnetic card and contactless chip card. Notably, transaction risks will be minimized thanks to highly secured contactless chip technology. Besides, customers can use Flexicard at their disposal as each function will be activated upon request.

Core Securities solution

ETC possesses a professional and experienced team, trained from the basic financial foundation insight to the most complex stock expertise in Vietnam stock market such as margin, shortsell, derivatives; coordinating with a fully experienced project management team under PMI standards in banking and finance. Securities projects under ETC coordination and deployment guarantees about time and quality management, achieving customer objectives in the process.

Armed with our extensive experience in consultancy, construction, and deployment of technology infrastructure for banking system, requiring high level of system security and continuation standards, and data processing capacity to Terabyte, ETC assures Core Securities projects will have a scalable foundation infrastructure that satisfies strict requirements of the financial industries, and readily expand in the future.

A Core Securities system coordinate supplied and deployed by ETC will have the following key components:

  • Back-office system with the capacity to manage customers and all financial securities service.
  • Stock exchange system includes fully components of a modern system.
  • Portal system connecting with Stock Exchange Departments, Security Depository Centers, designated payment banks, and commercial banks supplying online/offline stock exchange money management services.
  • Integration with value-added services such as SMS/Email to customers, portal, Contact Centre, CRM.



Solutions dedicated to Finance – Banking sector

Loan Origination System (LOS)

Loan Origination System (LOS) SmartLender is designed on the basis of modular approach with end-to-end credit risk management functions, in which all features are oriented towards commercial lending, retail or corporate loan market. LOS along with credit limit and collateral management system enable the bank to supervise credit extension at enterprise or business group level. In conformity with the standards of Basel II, this solution can connect seamlessly with credit risk analysis and management platforms.

Electronic toll collection system

This is the first time ETC has built IT application solutions in the field of transportation. However, we have quickly approached and deployed the most modern Non-stop Electronic Toll Collection Management technologies. Based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, our solution creates a platform to support smart and efficient transportation management.

Our solution shall be able to combine with traditional technologies of toll collection such as: automatic number plate recognition technology, automatic vehicle identification technology involves the use of laser, post validation system relies on images and data. Therefore, this solution can ensure an automatic, accuracy, reliable and transparent toll collection system.

This system comprises complete components of electronic toll collection system and is ready to be applied in intelligent transportation management functions in the future.

  • Front-end system includes:

–           Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology;

–           Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) system uses vehicle identification and classification technology relies on Light Curtains and Laser Scanner;

–           Violation Enforcement System (VES) uses number plate recognition technology combines with specialized cameras and video management system.

  • Back-end system:

–           Be integrated with the payment gateway of a leading bank in Vietnam;

–           Be integrated with back-end system of other electronic toll collection service suppliers in Vietnam;

–           Be integrated with relevant databases such as Vietnam Register’s database in order to automate customer information synchronization.

  • Information Portal for relevant partners includes:

–           BOTs partners;

–           Relevant State Management Agencies such as Vietnam Register, Ministry of Transport,…

–           Customer who uses electronic toll collection service.


Anti Money Laundering solution

As of current, with our software solution to filter and review customer information according to the list of embargoes and awareness, ETC has successfully provided customer information update (WLC & KYC) based on the requirement and distinct features of Vietinbank.

Using SironKYC and SironEmbargo products of FICO-TONBELLER, the solution set has provided Vietinbank with a strict management system that complies with Banking regulations and international standards.

  • SironEmbargo includes filtering and reviewing features for all transactions through SWIFT/WU portal.

•           SironKYC provides the ability to collect and review information of every customer, ranking the risk of money laundering and providing update for enhanced information, thus support rating customer risk in the most efficient way possible.

Internet banking solution

Internet banking has become a new and leading trend in the use of financial services and banking. The Ebanking project provided by ETC using SAP’s Ominichanel Banking technology platform has met the bank requirements with a variety of services such as online banking, loan services or savings accounts, inquiry about account information, transaction history, loan, money transfer and bill payment, finding branch, ATM location on the map.

The Internet Banking system is built closely to enhance the security of customer information and banking data. In addition, the system is compatible with most of browsers and operating systems, giving customers the flexibility to choose the technology and device. As Internet Banking is integrated, using the services of payment partners such as VNPay, Payoo, Napas,.., customers can access anytime, anywhere with internet connection. Flexible interface also helps improve user experience.

Factoring and Financing Supply Chain Product

As globalization and international commerce becoming more and more complex, many banks found the way to catch the demand of their customer for a more transparent management of supply chain with accessible finance cost. That is to use a Supply Chain Finance system that can provide a client facing software platform that supports financing of invoices, payables and purchase orders – driven by suppliers or by buyers. A distinguished solution among those is the Finshare production suite, made by the experienced vendor Premium Technology Inc, integrated and implemented by ETC technology systems in Viet Nam market.

It is unique in the industry for its breadth of coverage and flexibility to accommodate specialized requirements. As a result, lenders can customize their product offering by region, industry and client credit worthiness.

Banks who use FinShare will be surprised at the capacity of the system, offer various products: Factoring, Reverse Factoring, Receivables Financing, Purchase Order Management & Financing, Bank Payment Obligation, Asset Based Lending, Risk Participation, Document Preparation. Finshare also brings to the table a robust limit management function for both buyer and seller, dynamic mechanism to manage fees/interest, automated data uploads, image/documentation attachments, etc.

Retail Loan Origination System (RLOS)

Integro’s Loan Origination System product suite is implemented and integrated by ETC Technology Systems JSC is an end-to-end integrated credit risk management system which improves productivity, enhances credit quality, and reduces operational risks.

SmartLender Retail Loan Origination System (RLOS) is a rule and workflow-driven web-based platform and tightly integrated single point of credit assessment, which allows banks and retail lenders to streamline and holistically improve their standard underwriting process for all retail loan products, both secured and unsecured, namely, credit cards, mortgages, hire purchase, personal loans and unsecured loans.

SmartLender RLOS Product Features:

  • Comprehensive Data Capture for all Application Types
  • Aggregating Auto-Decisionning Information for Credit Assessment
  • Instant Duplicate Check
  • Rules-driven Tailor-made document checklists
  • Powerful Campaign and Product Management
  • Road-show and Promotions Facilitation (Pre-Score)
  • Credit Reports and Eligibility Checks
  • User-specific Task Lists, Application Journal and Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • End-to-End Straight-Through Processing (STP)

Secured Lending:

Unsecured Lending:



– Data center managed services and maintenance

– Authorized services and repair center

+ Spectra Technologies authorized services and repair center

+ Training center